Primary Program

From the Absorbent Mind to the Reasoning Mind:

Where has the little absorbent mind child who discovered everything around him gone? Well, he has metamorphosed into a reasoning child. The reasoning mind creates a need of increasing abstraction and intellectualization in the child. He is no longer satisfied with the closed environment in the first plane of development of the 0-6 year old. He needs to expand his environment to satisfy his mental development, his sense of imagination, his social, spiritual and moral development.

The primary aged child has a new state of mind that Maria Montessori described as the reasoning child. He/She needs a larger field of action so that he can begin to answer not only his new preoccupations (morality, imagination, concerns about the world surrounding him) but also is intellectual and emotional development (need for social integration, slow separation from the family circle, increasing need for abstraction, research for origins and intellectual curiosity)

Primary Montessori education is global, which allows the child to understand he is part of society and of the universe. This education also has the objective to continue to develop autonomy in his learning and critical thinking.

The general basis is for the interdependence and interconnection of all of the subject matters taught. The primary materials will help the child in learning easily complex concepts and will bring him towards abstraction in each of the subject matters: mathematics, French, sciences, geography, art and history. German is also be part of our program.

The curriculum of the French department of Education is respected.

Detailed description of the Primary program