Who we are

Chantal Detournay

Founder, director, 3-6 educator, 6-12 educator, yoga teacher, coach

The school is founded and managed by Chantal Detournay. She has a 3-6 diploma from IFMM, 6-12 diploma from the Center for Guided Montessori Studies, a Master in Education from Duquesne University in the United States.

She has 15 years of experience in international sales and marketing, and non-profit development. Passionate about yoga, she completes a 200 HTT ShivaShakti yoga in June 2019 with Charlotte Saint Jean and continues another 200 HTT with Julien Levy, is convinced by its well being impact on the children through movement, meditation, breathing techniques and connection to the self. She is also a professional coach and NLP technician to better support the children, the staff and parents.

Chantal is married and mother of two. She has lived in Belgium, France, and the United States.

Contact: c.detournay@ecolemesanges.com

Rejane Morier-Genoud

Assistant to the director, Responsible for 3-6 pedagogy, 3-6 educator

Rejane Morier-Genoud is the French Toddler teacher. she received her university diploma in International business. She studied in France, Spain and Germany. She worked in human resources for several years, until the birth of her daughter in 2009, which transformed her view on life and the world we live in. She undertook a Montessori training and received her CAP petite enfance. She is currently enrolled in the AMI 3-6 training and practices positive parenting. Her son was born in 2013.

Contact: r.moriergenoud@ecolemesanges.com

Nashwa Mostaguir

Responsible 6-12 pedagogy, 6-12 educator

Nashwa Mostaguir is the French Montessori educator for the 6-12 years. She completed her AMI training in 2015. After completing a Masters in Art from University of Geneva, she has practiced several professions such as teaching adults, humanitarian work with the CICR and career coaching. Egyptian and Swiss, she has lived in France, Spain, Germany, Jordania and Liberia. Mother of 2 girls, she is engaged in positive parenting and non violent education. Nashwa completed a training at the Fondation SEVE in June 2019 to lead philosophy workshops for 6-12 year olds and makes the link with the Montessori philosophy of "help me think on my own."

Christine Vallée

6-9 anglophone educator

Fiona Perret

3-6 anglophone educator

Fiona is the 3-6 English teacher. A native English speaker, she obtains Bachelors and Masters degrees in contemporary dance and a CELTA certificate for English teaching to adults. Since moving to France in 2011, Fiona has taught English both inside and outside of a Montessori environment. She is currently completing the AMI 3-6 Diploma at the IFMM in Geneva. Fiona is the happy mother of two young children with whom she practices positive parenting.

Isabelle Mocquot

3-6 Francophone educator

Isabelle Mocquot joined us in 2018 and is our francophone 3-6 teacher, she has the AMI 3-6 diploma. . Initially trained as a computer scientist, she quickly oriented herself towards adult education during many years. She answers a calling to orient herself to be part of forming the world of tomorrow and to respond to a professional desire to work with small children by enrolling in the AMI 3-6 training program. She enjoys working with the children in a well meaning environment, respecting their rhythm so they can grow with joy

Catherine-Elisabeth Trierweiler

3-6 anglophone educator

Abigail Bourguoin

3-6 assistant

Veronica Alba-Vazquez

3-6 assistant