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A day in the 3-6 classroom

8:00-8:15AM Pre-school daycare

8:15-8:35AM WELCOME!

   The children arrive and are welcomed by their educators.  Once their slippers are on, they are invited into the classroom to choose an activity and start the day.

8:35-11:15AM Time of concentration

   This is peak time of work and concentration.  Children are learning through many activities.  They are working with an educator, or in a group with other children or simply on their own.

11:15-12:15 Lunch time

   Meals are an important social part of the day. Each day two children are selected to set the table for everyone. We eat together in social harmony.

12:00-12:15 Clean-up

   As children have finished their meal, each are invited to tidy up their place. 

12:15-13:10 Outdoor recess in the garden

13:15-16:00 Afternoon work cycle

   We begin the afternoon cycle with a moment of relaxation in the classroom either through music, guided or soft movements. One by one, children are invited to select an activity they would like to do.  It's also a time for group lessons on some days.

16:00 Mommy and Daddy time

16:00-18:00 After school daycare

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