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Committed to Education

Mésanges Ecole Bilingue Montessori was founded with the purpose - to build a space for all students to reach their full potential in an emotionally secure environment.  

Our approach is unique as Mésanges offers more than one pedagogy.

We are convinced, and the recent studies in neurosciences on the development of the brain proves it (ref Catherine Guegen), that additional factors other than the choice of pedagogy, favours overall learning.

For this reason, we have integrated the following aspects into the general framework of our school:



why chose Mésanges?

Non-Violent Communication (NVC®):

This approach allows us to accompany the children and help them develop, respect for themselves and for others.  This process goes through the awareness of each person’s needs and tuning into everyone’s emotions.   Adult authority is no longer based on a game of power but rather on mutual respect and goodwill.   In this way, we can allow for each child to blossom, develop self esteem and his sense of cooperation.  The children have the opportunity develop  the tools for conflict resolution by taking into consideration the needs of each person as well as his own, to increase his capacity for taking initiative and creativity and finally, become more autonomous and responsible.

The personnel at Mésanges is formed in this method and we continue to deepen this approach with regular continued education s with a member from the NVC association in Switzerland.

Yoga, relaxation and meditation:

 Our director, Chantal Detournay, is  a trained yoga teacher. The yoga workshops consist of working with movement, connection to our breath and mindfulness., she also provides a daily tools for the children in the 6-12 classroom. It is a completely neutral, non-dogmatic and non religious practice to help the children increase their concentration, find their internal resources to be more in tuned with their needs, be able to take a step back from situations and be in the present moment.

Philosophy workshops:

One of the main objectives of philosophy is to learn to ask oneself questions, to have wonderment, to think and to argue. Children naturally ask a multitude of questions. They are curious by nature and love to explore layers by understanding the why and what of things. We have decided to provide them with an opportunity to be able to do just that, a workshop that allows them to discuss, expose their ideas, to challenge them and to confront them to think about questions that have always interested human beings.  Our objective is not to give them knowledge, but to accompany them in the development of critical thinking, of personal thought processes and to develop reasoning capacity, to listen to others and to dialog.

These workshops are being held in the elementary classroom and will expand to the 3-6 classrooms at a later time.  Our elementary teacher, Nashwa Mostaguir is trained from the Fondation SEVE.

Art workshops:

Our 6-12 teacher, Christine Vallée is passionate about sharing her love for art with the students. A workshop is held weekly with the 6-12 class where the children will explore different mediums and artists to build their own portfolios.

Parenting workshops: Mindful parenting:

The philosophy at Mésanges is comprised of different aspects of child development and one fundamental aspect is the congruence between home and school.  By working the triangularity school-child-parents, your child benefits fully from his presence in our establishment. Chantal Detournay, the director, passionate in the accompaniment in the liberation of human potential, has developed these workshops based on tools from NVC, NLP and coaching in orde to support parents of all aged children, in being their best version.

So, the reasons why to choose Mésanges as the school for your child, goes beyond Montessori and bilingual education, other important factors are present to help your child blossom, develop and learn.

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